Abouts Wikiposter

About Wikiposter

Who we are

We are Lisa and Niklas, currently based in Germany and Denmark. We dedicate our spare time to browsing Wikipedia for exiting entries. Both of us have backgrounds in media design and art. 


One day, we found ourselves stumbling through Wikipedia when we thought that it would be a nice idea to have some of our favorite articles in a physically form, that is printed as a poster and hanging on our office walls. So we scanned the interwebs for Wikipedia posters but couldn't find any. So hands on as we are, we designed and printed them ourselves. A week later, we had the Turing Test poster hanging in the hallway, where it caught the eye of everyone who passed by it. As people frequently requested a copy, we thought bout making the posters of our favorite available to everybody. And here we are.

Why Wikipedia

Ever felt that warm feeling when you take a deep dive into a Wikipedia article on descriptive statistics and find yourself reading about the stockholm syndrome 20 minutes later? Knowledge is something fascinating and so are certain Wikipedia articles. We constantly found ourselves saving articles in Evernote without any purpose. We just wanted to conserve the beauty of knowledge in it's very stripped format to look at it at a later point and be proud of what we learned.

How we cite

Our mantra is to only use the text from the introduction for every article we cite. Sometimes this introduction is too long for our fixed three column posters so we try to end the quote where it makes sense and add ellipsis [..] to the end of the paragraph. We might also leave out a minor part of the introduction when it is less relevant then another part. If the introduction is too short, we most of the times turn away from the article. In certain cases however, we might include a few sentences from the first paragraph after the introduction. However, we try to stick to the original as close as possible.

We include words written in italic from the original articles but we delete all numbered footnotes [5] for illustration purposes.


The text on our posters is written in the beautiful Mercury text font. A perfect fit for elegant, information focused text and especially suited for smaller letters such as in Newspapers. More specifically, the headline uses Mercury Display and the body text is written in Mercury Text Grade 1. Thin an elegant. You can learn more about Mercury here